Sunday, 31 January 2010

Schools and Students

Successful visit to Tonyrefail Comprehensive I hope I helped with your studies Year 11 and good luck with your GCSE Geography.

Next visits to primary schools to promote website and arrange sessions.

Glamorgan WFU celebrated Farmhouse Breakfast Week by serving a welsh breakfast to Ogmore Vale Primary Pupils and were joined by Mike Phillips  rugby player for Wales and son of a dairy farmer,the milk was sourced and bottled in Bridgend at Tytanglwyst Dairy.

Tuesday we are hosting a group of Agricultural students from France this is the 3rd year they have brought students to our Farm I hope they will sing on the trailer ride again!

We have scanned all our sheep now and this weekend we sheared our ewe lambs if you visit our you tube site you will see our sheep to be sheared and the ones with their coats off!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Farmhouse Breakfast Week 2010

How does breakfast benefit you? The eleventh annual Farmhouse Breakfast Week 24-30 January 2010 is the ideal time to find out! Taking place 24-30 January the week is a real opportunity for everyone to get into the healthy breakfast habit and celebrate the rich wealth of breakfast foods found across the country.

Support your local farmers:
  • local milk tastes best as well as saving food miles!
  • try some local homecured bacon
  • enjoy the local cheeses on offer
  • Buy british cereal
Breakfast is an important meal of the day you don't try to drive to work with an empty fuel tank!!

please leave comments tell us what you've had for Breakfast today?

Last year's Breakfast week

we served Welsh Cheese & Bacon Toasties in local bread with fresh Tytanglwyst Dairy milk
"Think Breakfast"

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Preparations for Farmhouse Breakfast Week

Farmhouse Breakfast Week 24th - 30th January

"Breakfast Benefits" is this years theme- Promoting breakfast with local produce is a great way of covering various subjects on the Curriculum.

Glamorgan WFU will be out and about again this year to help you support this challenge.

There are numerous resources on

Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Snow and adventures

The snow has been with us now since the 20th of Dec lots of problems only able to get out by 4WD did take car out twice failed our hill on both occasions so had to reverse it home!!
Luckily the sheep feed arrived in between christmas and New Year due to the clever lorry driver, the postman has been most days too.
We fetched our load of Barley with tractor and trailer so the sheep are warm and cosy in the shed with lots of food.A lot of farms have had trouble with sheds caving in due to snow and trouble getting feed and water out to the fields.
We have been feeding the birds each day as they are finding it difficult in this weather and our lake is frozen over there doesn't seem to be much wildlife about both our semi tame ducks have disappeared so we fear Mr Fox has found his way over the ice to the island which is usually a safe haven.
We have built the snowmen, sledged the hills,thrown the snowballs and are now ready for things to become normal again - school and shopping without wellies and boots.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Robin in the Snow- January 2010

Please feed our birds they are finding it difficult in this weather here is our Robin this morning outside the office window.

Monday, 4 January 2010

YouTube on the Blog

We hope to get webcams running on the site shortly and are uploading videos onto youtube for tasters
Hope you all enjoy all sheep now in shed and Deer not far from their shelter more snow tonight.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Welcome to Our Welsh Farm

Our Welsh Farm website We can arrange an interactive session for rural schools in Bridgend for free this has been funded by the RDP.
I will update this blog as time goes on so you can keep up with us and farm life.

The sheep are now in the shed and will remain there until we lamb in February