Tuesday, 24 April 2012

odd socks and pet lambs

Here we are surfacing from lambing live although we have 22 pet lambs we get uninterrupted sleep!

We now have over 900 lambs and the shed is almost empty (still 3 to go!!)

We have had a good crop of lambs and the only challenge was the wet bank holiday Monday when we had to bring our new lambs and ewes back into the shed to dry off and warm up.


We have some characters in the pet lambs my 2 favourite are Woolly and Balaclava boy:

Woolly wasn't strong enough to follow his mother and sister out to the field so we gave him some TLC and his mother came back to visit each day to check we were looking after him, after a week she decided he was better off with his friends in the shed.


Balaclava boy born April 1st was one of Quads, 2 stayed with their mother and we lost no 4 :-( but he was lucky although his head was bald, we kept him in the porch for a week until he grew too big for his box and started following me around. We took him out to join the others but he got very cold overnight so had to be rescued again.

Lambing Tip 1: what to do with your odd socks?

I cut off the toe end and cut 2 holes for his years and folded the sock around his neck solved the odd sock problem and is keeping him warm until the wool grows :-)


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